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Your Most Valuable Asset—Our Management Team

Our Founder: The Late Ralph E. Blackwell (1941 – 2008)

Ralph and Connie BlackwellThrough years of dedicated service, Mr. Blackwell cultivated a reputation that supported our company’s success. His vision and leadership are the foundation upon which Blackwell & Associates has built its sustainable competitive advantage. Our company follows his example by holding our clients in the utmost esteem and our associates to the highest standards.

President, Constance F. Blackwell

“Connie” has always been an integral part of Blackwell and Associates, both in the office and behind the scenes. Married to Mr. Blackwell in 1965, Connie’s insightful and objective input has been invaluable to our company’s success. She carries on her husband’s legacy of respect, integrity and dependability.

Robert Evers

Bob began his career at Blackwell Surveying in 1985. He was certified as a Professional Surveyor and Mapper by the Department of Professional Regulation in 1997. Bob has an accomplished background in boundary, topographic and right-of-way surveying. He has been the driving force of Blackwell Surveying since 2009.

Megan Blackwell

Megan oversees the finance, organization and co-ordination of the day to day office operations, including procedures and resources, from initial contact, to out the door.