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Built on a Solid History of Surveying Successes

In 1978, the firms of Mauney Engineering, Inc and Blackwell-Maylone Land Surveyors merged, resulting in the formation of Blackwell and Associates, Inc. Since that time, Blackwell and Associates has provided Professional Land Surveying services to residential, commercial, and governmental clients in the Central Florida area. Blackwell and Associates is fortunate to hold the largest compilation of historical survey records in Volusia County. These records include surveys dating back to 1886. This collection of records represent the work of generations of surveyors including S.B. Wilson, J.C.M. Valentine, C.A. Mahan, H.K. Martin, C.R. Cobb, W.R. Cover, W.L. Buchan, C.F. Duell and A.W. Steinman.


Focused on Superior Service

Our firm’s corporate office is a modern 2,800 square foot facility conveniently located in DeLand, Florida where it is well positioned to service clients located in Volusia, Lake, and  Flagler Counties. Our services include, but are not limited to, boundary surveys, construction layout, topographic surveys, special purpose design surveys, road and utility route surveys, legal description generation, and land subdivision. In order to maintain a high level of service, we rely on our collection of precision instruments, data collections systems, and computer software.


Driven by Talented People

Whatever the nature of the challenge, whether meeting the changing needs of our customers or the expectations of our shareholders, it is passionate, devoted and empowered people who ultimately make the difference. Blackwell and Associates has developed a team of professional and technically competent employees that are willing and able to meet the surveying needs of our clients. Our firm is fortunate to have two registered Professional Land Surveyors & Mappers on staff. In addition, we strive to maintain an organization of skilled employees to meet the requirements of our clients.


Core Values

At Blackwell & Associates, we have developed a set of Core Values that help define our business. Our Core Values are:

Results: Our finished product will leave no questions. It will meet or exceed our client’s scope of services. It will be delivered on schedule. It will be done within the proposed budget.

Integrity: This is who we are, this is what we do, and we do it well. Errors can and will be corrected. We will face it and make amends where necessary. We have been here since 1979, and we aren’t going away anytime soon.

Camaraderie: It is our desire to offer an opportunity for people from every background to work together to maintain the integrity that guarantees our results.

Education: In order to say we are the best, we have to be the best. This requires knowledge and experience in our field to offer an understanding for our client so they can make an informed decision as to which services will be required to best fit their needs. This knowledge base comes from hours in the classroom, and years on the job.

Innovation toward Excellence: We strive to constantly push the envelope beyond the benchmark for excellence in every facet of our organization. Service, service, service.

Thankfulness: We are grateful to our clients for continuing to allow us to provide our services to them and recommending us to their friends and families. We will never forget that all we have is a gift from God or fail to thank Him!