Ralph E. Blackwell 1941 – 2008
Constance F. Blackwell, President

Ralph and Connie BlackwellThrough years of dedicated service, Mr. Blackwell, developed a reputation that helped drive the success of the company. His vision and leadership was the cornerstone on which the company gained a sustainable competitive advantage. Our company strives to follow this direction and regards their clients and employees with the utmost dignity.

“Connie” has been an integral part of Blackwell and Associates both in the office, and behind the scenes. Wife of Mr. Blackwell since 1965, she has offered insightful and objective input as to the direction and values of the company. Her husband knew she would stand firm on his reputation of integrity and dependability. And that she would continue to assist in keeping Blackwell & Associate’s clients trusting in those company high standards.

Robert R. Evers PLS, Vice President LS 5675

Bob Evers“Bob” is a Wisconsin native and resident of DeLand. He has been employed by our firm since 1985. Bob attended Daytona Beach Community College and has completed courses in Surveying Engineering Drawing and AutoCADD I. Additionally, he has completed certificate courses in Writing Legal Descriptions II, Florida Minimum Technical Standards, Surveying Laws and Principles, Suburban Lot Surveying and Court Decisions Affecting Land Surveyors. Bob has a strong background in boundary, topographic and right of way surveying and was certified by the Department of Professional Regulation in January 1997 as a Professional Surveyor and Mapper.

Email: revers@blackwellsurveying.com

Mike Ruskin PLS, Project Manager LS 3461

Mike RuskinAfter attending the University of Florida, Michael moved to DeLand in 1971. He was licensed in 1979 as a Professional Land Surveyor. He taught “Coordinate Geometry” and “Surveying Principles and Practices” courses for 7 years as an instructor at Daytona Beach Community College. As a forensic surveyor, he completed 99 classroom hours in the study of “Surveying Law” at DBCC. He is proficient in surveying expertise for the determination of mean high water, ordinary high water and safe upland lines for the Department of Environmental Protection Sovereign Submerged Land Leases. His professional affiliations began in 1973 as a Charter Member of the Volusia County Chapter of the Florida Society of Professional Land Surveyors and has served as both Chapter President twice and State Director, 3rd District .

Email: mruskin@blackwellsurveying.com